This document presents the general conditions or terms of use of the site, which govern the rules for the use of, including the conclusion of a contract of purchase and sale from this e-store.


Julia Kontogruni Ltd with tax number BG201604482 (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Seller").


  • Site - the domain
  • Customer - any natural or legal person or other legal entity that uses the site of Julia Kontogruni Ltd in any way, including but not limited to browsing it, making orders from it, buying, returning goods, etc.
  • Account – a section of the Site formed by an email address and password, which allows the Client to send the Order and which contains information about the Client and the history of some of his actions on the Site (Orders, tax invoices, etc.)
  • Goods and Services - any subject of the contract for purchase and sale from the Site.
  • Order – an electronic document representing a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer, through which the Buyer declares to the Seller, through the Site, his intention to purchase Goods and Services from the Site.
  • Contract – represents a remote contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer for the purchase and sale of Goods and/or Services from the Site, an integral part of which are the present general conditions for use of the Site.
  • Contents:
    • all information on the Site that is accessible through an Internet connection and use of an Internet-connected device;
    • the content of any message from the Buyer to the Seller sent by electronic means and/or any other available means of communication;
    • any information provided in any way by an employee/collaborator of the Seller to the Buyer by electronic or other means for its remote transmission;
    • the information related to the Goods and/or Services and/or the tariffs applied by the Seller in a certain period of time;
  • Review - a written evaluation by the owner or user of a product or service, an evaluation based on the personal experience and skills of the evaluator to make qualitative comments and say whether or not the product or service meets the characteristics specified by the manufacturer.
  • Rating - a method of expressing the level of satisfaction of a given User/Client/Buyer in relation to a certain product. The rating is expressed in the form of stars, and each product can receive a rating of one to five stars. This degree of satisfaction will always be accompanied by the review written by the User/Customer/Buyer of a product or service.]
  • Comment - rating or critical remark at the end of a Review or other comment.
  • Order registration - notification to the customer that the order has been registered on the Julia Kontogruni Ltd e-store platform and is in processing status.
  • Confirmation of the order - notification to the customer that there is consent for the Seller to commit and commit to the execution of the order.

General applications

The Julia Kontogruni Ltd Terms of Use are binding on all users of the Site. Any use of this Site means that you have familiarized yourself with the general conditions for its use and have agreed to abide by them unconditionally.

The Terms of Use may be changed unilaterally by Julia Kontogruni Ltd at any time by updating them. These changes are effective immediately and are binding on all users/customers. Julia Kontogruni Ltd has the right to make changes to the terms of use at any time at its own discretion or if they are imposed by virtue of an effective regulatory act. They may be retroactive to orders already delivered and confirmed. In any case of a change to the general conditions, Julia Kontogruni Ltd will inform its Customers about it by publishing the changes on the Site.

If any of the provisions of these general terms of use of the Site are found to be invalid or unenforceable, regardless of the reason for this, this does not mean that the remaining provisions are invalid or unenforceable. Julia Kontogruni Ltd makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information presented on the Site. However, given the possible technical errors or omissions in this information, Julia Kontogruni Ltd specifies that the images of the products are informative and indicative in nature, therefore the delivered products may differ from the images due to a change in their characteristics or design.

The site may contain links to other sites. Julia Kontogruni Ltd is not responsible for the privacy policy of websites it does not administer, or for any other information contained therein.

Julia Kontogruni Ltd owns and retains all intellectual property rights related in any way to the Site, whether owned by it or obtained through contractual licenses or in any other lawful manner.

Signing a contract

By registering an Order on the site, the Buyer agrees by phone or email to state his desire to receive the relevant Product or Service from the Seller against payment. The Seller will send the Buyer a notification for registering the Order in his system, which does not mean acceptance, confirmation or commitment to its execution. The Seller makes this notification electronically (email) or by phone. In this sense, the Seller has the right not to deliver part or all of the Goods or not to fulfill part or all of the Services of the Order at its discretion including, but not limited to, due to the exhaustion of their stock availability or price change.

The distance sales contract between the Seller and the Customer is considered to be concluded at the moment the Customer receives the e-mail and/or SMS sent to his phone by the Seller confirming the order and is ready to ship the Goods from the Order or provide the Service.

Online sale

Access to for the purpose of registering an Order is allowed to any Customer over the age of 18. Julia Kontogruni Ltd reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict any Customer's access to an Order and/or to any of the available payment methods if it deems that this would be detrimental to Julia Kontogruni Ltd in any way to be a way. In this situation, the Customer's sole right is to contact Julia Kontogruni Ltd to be informed about the reasons that led to the application of the above measures. Julia Kontogruni Ltd shall not be liable for any damages that the Customer has suffered or may suffer as a result of this decision, regardless of its correctness or reasonableness.

The Customer has the right to post opinions about Goods and/or Services, as well as to contact Julia Kontogruni Ltd at the addresses indicated in the "Contacts" section of the site. Comments or messages that contain profanity or inappropriate vocabulary will be removed from the site or ignored. The Seller has the freedom to process the information received from the Customer without the need to motivate his actions in connection with this.

Communication with the Seller can be carried out through direct contact with him or at the addresses indicated on the site. The seller undertakes to store and process the received information according to the requirements of REGULATION 2016/679.

The Seller has the right to use subcontractors for the performance of the Services offered on the Site. The Seller will be responsible for the actions of these subcontractors as its own.

An order

The Customer may place Orders on the Site by adding the desired Goods and/or Services to the shopping cart, following the steps indicated on the Site to complete and submit the relevant Order. Each Product and/or Service added to the shopping cart is available for purchase within available quantities. Adding a Product and/or Service to the shopping cart without completing it does not result in the registration of the order and the automatic saving of the Product/Service.

The Customer undertakes and is responsible for ensuring that all the purchase data that he has requested through his completed and sent to the Seller order is true, complete and accurate as of the date of sending the order.

The Seller has the right to refuse to fulfill (cancel) the Order placed by the Customer, of which he should notify the Customer. The cancellation of the order does not entail any responsibility or subsequent obligation of either party towards the other in connection with it and accordingly neither of them has the right to seek compensation from the other for the cancellation.

Return of goods

The Customer will bear all direct costs of returning Products offered by Julia Kontogruni Ltd in the event that it cancels the Contract and so requests within the cancellation period provided by the Seller.

The Seller undertakes to refund the price paid for the Contract concluded at a distance, which the Customer has renounced within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which he received the notification or the return of the goods by the Customer that he renounces the Contract. The amount will be refunded as follows without incurring any additional costs to the Customer:

  • Payments made with a debit or credit card - by refund to the bank account from which the payment was made after it was provided by the Customer.
  • Payments made by cash on delivery – by refund to a bank account additionally provided by the Customer.
  • Consumer credit payments - after termination of the consumer credit contract and recalculation of the credit installments - most often to the bank account from which the amounts for the credit installments were received or in another way determined by the bank that granted the credit.

The Seller has the right to delay the refund in cases of withdrawal from the concluded Contract until receipt of the Goods sold or until receipt of proof that they have been sent, in the event that he has not offered to collect the Goods himself, whichever occurs first .

In the event that the Goods and/or Service ordered and paid for in advance by the Customer cannot be delivered/provided by the Seller, the latter will inform the Customer of this and will refund the already paid Goods and/or Service to the Customer's account within a period of 7 (seven) days from the date on which the Seller has established this fact or from the date on which the Buyer has clearly expressed his desire to terminate the Contract.

The customer has no right to withdraw from the concluded Agreement in the following cases:

  • in the provision of services where the service is provided in full and its implementation has begun with the express prior consent of the user and confirmation by him that he knows that he will lose his right of withdrawal after the contract is fully performed by the trader the delivery of Goods ;
  • in the delivery of goods or services, the price of which depends on the fluctuations of the financial market, which cannot be controlled by the merchant and which may occur during the period for exercising the right of withdrawal;
  • upon delivery of goods made to the order of the Customer or according to his individual requirements, i.e. in the delivery of Goods made to the Customer's order;
  • when delivering goods that, due to their nature, may deteriorate in quality or have a short shelf life;
  • in the delivery of sealed goods which have been unsealed after their delivery and cannot be returned for hygiene or health protection reasons;
  • upon delivery of goods which, after being delivered and due to their nature, have been mixed with other goods from which they cannot be separated;
  • in the delivery of sealed sound or video recordings or sealed computer software which have been unsealed after delivery;
  • in the provision of digital content that is not delivered on a physical medium, when the performance has begun with the express consent of the user, who has confirmed that he knows that he will thereby lose his right of withdrawal.


The prices of the Goods and Services announced on the site are final and include VAT, as well as all other taxes and fees provided for by current legislation. The price, method of payment and payment term upon issuance of a proforma invoice or invoice are specified in each Order.

The customer is obliged to provide all the necessary information for issuing the invoice in accordance with the current legislation. The Seller will issue the Customer an invoice for the ordered and delivered Goods / services provided based on the information provided by the Customer.

Julia Kontogruni Ltd issues an invoice for each payment under an Order paid by bank transfer, regardless of whether the Customer is a legal entity or an individual. When paying in cash, an invoice is issued only if the Customer has expressly requested one. The Customer agrees to receive the invoice physically together with the Goods, as well as electronically to the e-mail specified by the Customer in his Account or by uploading it to the Account itself.

In the case of online or bank payments, the Seller is not responsible for any costs related to fees, commissions or other additional payments made by the Buyer or his bank in connection with the transaction itself, as well as in currency exchange cases applied by the bank that issued the client's card. Card payment to Julia Kontogruni Ltd is accepted as an international payment by some banks and according to their card and card payment policies, banks may charge additional fees for such transactions. The same applies to transactions that Julia Kontogruni Ltd makes to the customer, whether doing so in connection with the recovery of any payment to the latter or for any other reason. The costs related to such payments are solely for the account of the Buyer.


The Seller undertakes to deliver the ordered and purchased Goods via a courier company to an address specified by the Buyer or to an office of a courier company, depending on the Customer's choice

The Seller will ensure the appropriate packaging of the Goods and the dispatch of the accompanying documents. If by any chance the parcel does not contain a document required for the ordered product, please contact the Seller.

The details regarding the delivery of the Goods/Services including, but not limited to, those regarding the delivery/performance period do not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of the Seller to carry out the relevant delivery/performance of the relevant Service on a specific date. Accordingly, the Customer is not entitled to any compensation in the event that the date announced by the Seller to deliver the Goods or perform the Service is not met.

The Customer must inspect the Goods at the time of delivery and handover and if they do not meet the requirements notify the Seller immediately.


The Seller offers all Goods on the Site with a guarantee of compliance of the goods with the Contract in accordance with the current legislation and the warranty policy of the relevant manufacturer or official distributor of the Goods. In respect of Goods sold and supplied by Julia Kontogruni Ltd, warranty certificates are issued by the manufacturer or issued by Julia Kontogruni Ltd.

The Buyer is obliged to regularly update the data in his Account and review them before each order, as the Seller will use them when filling out and issuing the warranty certificate. The Buyer should note that the Seller will not reissue warranty certificates issued on the basis of incorrect or old data that the former has not updated, which will lead to the voiding of the warranty for the relevant products.

The property

Ownership of the Goods will be transferred upon their delivery to the Buyer, after payment has been made by him. Delivery of the Goods will be certified by the Buyer's signature on the transport document provided by the courier.


The Seller is not responsible for any damage suffered by the Buyer or by third parties as a result of force majeure circumstances or those beyond the Seller's control. In all other cases, the Seller's liability is limited to a maximum of the value of the ordered and paid for Goods.

Personal data

Julia Kontogruni Ltd is the controller of personal data. Pursuant to the requirements of REGULATION 2016/679, Convention 108 /protection of individuals during the automated processing of personal data/ and the Personal Data Protection Act in the Republic of Belarus, Julia Kontogruni Ltd has developed and declares compliance with GDPR rules and measures related to processing of the Clients' personal data and defined in a separate document - Privacy Policy

Publish a Review

Reviews can be written by Users/Customers/Buyers. Written information can be both positive and negative and will relate to the features and usage of a given product or service.

At the time of registration of a Review on the Site, Users/Customers/Buyers grant the Seller a perpetual, irrevocable, territorially unlimited license and the Seller's right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and display such content.

Every User/Client/Buyer, at the time of publishing a Review in the specified sections, undertakes to comply with the following rules:

  • to use appropriate speech, non-offensive, without offensive expressions or those that may affect another User/Customer/Buyer;
  • to ensure that the information entered by them is realistic, correct, non-deceptive and in accordance with applicable laws, including respecting the rights of others, copyright, trademark, license or other proprietary rights, advertising or privacy.
  • not to provide or request, in any manner or form, personal data or other information that may lead to the disclosure of such personal data;
  • not to try to manipulate the services provided by the Seller and not to enter Reviews that contain materials of an advertising nature;

Users/Customers/Buyers who publish Reviews to which they attach photo or video files will comply with the following rules:

  • uploaded files will contain images and/or videos related to the product or service the Reviews are writing about, ensuring that uploaded files respect copyright;
  • uploaded files do not contain violence, adult content, obscene language or other content that offends another person/group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, military service, sexual or political orientation;

In addition to the critical realistic assessment, at the time of publishing a Review, the User/Customer/Buyer will also add a Rating for the respective product or service. Reviews, along with their respective Ratings, will affect the overall Rating of the product or service.

In the event that the Seller finds repeated violations of the Terms of Use, he reserves the right to limit the ability of the User/Client/Buyer to publish Reviews

Force majeure circumstances

Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform its contractual obligations if such failure is due to force majeure. Force majeure is an unforeseeable event beyond the control of the parties that cannot be avoided.

If, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the relevant event, it does not stop, each party has the right to notify the other party that it is terminating the Agreement without owing the other party compensation for any damages that may have been suffered.

Last updated 10.07.2023