The Music Of Love

Our song of love is pure and fair
All hurt the music can repair
As heaven comes to us on earth
And makes us one in our rebirth
And now we’re open to the tune
The world may fall but we’re immune
It binds us two in sweet refrain
And twirls us ’round and ’round again
Each heart in harmony now beats
And lifts us both up from our seats
To dance and swirl in unison
In perfect pitch, us two made one
Each giving up the solo roles
And harmonizing with our souls
An orchestra of pure delight
Our song lights each and every night
This tune a symbol like a dove
A perfect melody of love



1. What was your vision of your wedding?

We chose an american style for our special day. We got married in a beautiful garden, under a pretty arch made of real flowers. After that we continued the celebration in the restaurant which was looking like a palace salon. It was royal!



2. What was the most magical or memorable part of your day?

The memorable moments are many and each one is great. But for me the most exciting part was me walking the path towards my man and seeing how he was looking at me.



3. How did you choose your wedding dress?

The dress I chose in the very moment when I saw it on your website. It was clear it’s this one. I always like to be different and impressive and I felt this dress was made just for me. I adore it!




4. Was there any special custom or tradition during your wedding?

The customs were traditional for a bulgarian wedding and it was great fun!


Bride: Martina Stoyanova – Noncheva

Groom: Georgi Nonchev

Photographer: Jeny’s photography