Love was…

When ‘if’ lay between you and I
And ‘never’ seemed forever
I fell to earth in surrender
And you became the centre of my eye

Love is…

When I pass by you accidentally
I grab a sense of your smile
When between us is distance measured by the mile
I grab a sense of our love immeasurably

Love will be…

When I can no longer see to see
When I can no longer hear to hear
I know you will be near
Simply just you and me

Love eternally…

When God granted us our wish finally
He put in us a throbbing heart
When it stops from this earth we will depart
But our Love will live eternally

by Peter Stavropoulos

Dear Sonya and Mincho, may you always remember the love shared on this special day. Wishing you a lifetime of love!



 What was the vision for your special day and what style did you choose for the ceremony ?

We wanted our wedding ceremony to be stylish and sophisticated. So we decided that everything should be decorated in a ‘sparkling champagne’ colour. There were flowers arrangements all around, a dramatic backdrop created with layers of sheer fabric and ribbon. Our guests were enjoying  a six cource meal.



Which was the most memorable moment of your wedding ceremony?

Looking back on that day I could say the most memorable part was the thrill and excitement I was feeling while waiting for the reaction of my beloved man when seeing me in the glamorous wedding gown.


How did you choose your wedding dress?

The vision for my wedding dress was clear in my mind. I travelled almost the whole country to search for a ready to wear dress but unfortunately without any success. I met designers but noone said it’s on his efforts to create the backless gown that I wanted so bad. Until I reached Varna city. The Julia Kontogruni team there was able to satisfy my every whim – delicate fabrics, fine lace, perfect cut.. I tried all the splendid dresses in the store and they literally glued on my body. All of them were wonderful and like every woman I wanted them all! I couldn’t please myself with just one style so the team agreed to create an unique wedding gown that combined particular parts from the different dresses. Twenty days after my wedding dress was ready. There was just one detail I hadn’t thought of that popped up on the last fitting. But the team is made up of professionals and they started repairing right away. Two hours later I walked out of the atelier with the biggest smile in the world and the most beautiful wedding dress in my hands! Thank you so much!




Bride: Sonya

Groom: Mincho

Wedding gown: 1512

Boutuque: Julia Kontogruni, Grand Mall Varna (Varna)

Wedding date: 01.05.2016

Location: Royal Castle Hotel Design & Spa Elenite, Bulgaria

Photographer: Ivan Slavov