Ho scritto una storia d’amore senza inizio e senza fine…per scriverla con te


I have written a love story without a beginning or ending…so that we may write it together



What was your vision for your wedding?

Our vision for the ceremony was to have a vintage style inspired wedding and to be very chic. We wanted something exclusive and unique.





What was the most magical or memorable part of your day?

The most magical and beautiful part was the arrival in the church. My husband was so excited, I hadn’t  seen him like this before. Also I was so happy and excited to reach this final line after 12 years of engagement.



How did you choose your wedding dress?

I had seen your collection on the internet and I just fell in love! After that I chose the dress at Majorca showroom in Agrigento, Sicily. When I tried it, I knew that this is it, because the emotion I felt was unique. I am very happy that I made this choice! Because now when I am looking at the photos I realize this is the most beautiful and elegant dress I have ever seen!





Bride: Danyla

Groom: Antonio

Wedding Gown: 0104

Boutique: Majorca showroom / Agrigento, Italy

Photographer:  Salvo Contino

What was your vision for your wedding?

What was your vision for your wedding?

What was your vision for your wedding?

What was your vision for your wedd